Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas and new year x

Happy New Year! I know it's late. So our Christmas was perfect. Nice and quiet just me my husband little man mum dad n brother. It only took us 3 Christmas' to get it right. New Year's Eve we went to a charity party it was good but my hubby got some bad news that a close family friend died. It's been a sad time but he is getting his head around it.

We are still at home (my mums) it's getting stressful because we don't have proper beds and no privacy. But I don't feel anxiety here so I feel better here. I can't believe that I have no anxiety.

I have dropped a whole dress size :) I am very proud of myself but have no idea how I did it. I have bought a gorgeous dress today for my nieces christening and I am so made up I can get in a lipsy dress n not look fat.

I can't wait to get home on the 8th because I miss diesel. She is bein well looked after by the dog sitter but I miss cuddles n her scavin for my crisps n scraps.

Hope new year has started well for you.

The Royal Engineers Wife xxx

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