Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sorry I haven't been around! X

So I have completely neglected my blog whilst being pregnant. I'm going to try n blog Atleast once a mnth from now on. So here's a short catch up. 

I failed my driving test :(. We were posted n my husband is on course. I got to 25 weeks pregnant and was suffering horrendous nose bleeds n spd which ended up in me n my oldest boy coming bk to my mums on November the first for some help and support. 

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I was in and out if hospital in the end I was induced on the 18th of December n have birth to a beautiful baby boy weighing 9Lb 3 and a half oz. :) he is now 6 weeks old and this Sunday we finally go bk home with my gorgeous husband to be a family again. He passed his driving test n he gets his car on Saturday. He is coming here tomorrow night n I cannot wait. I really miss him. It's scary because on Tuesday we have been married 3 yrs! It's crazy no idea where the time has gone. 

This 3 yrs have been crazy. The ups have been amazing n the downs have been truly awful. But since moving to Yorkshire in August 2012 I haven't really felt myself. I was shy n lacking any confidence n just really not myself. I became a hermit and really suffered but this last week I have felt me coming bk. I'm start to nt give a shit what ppl think of me or what they have to say abt me,I feel confident n I am ready to be me n get on with it and go out n nt give a shit if the other wives are bitching abt me. It's actually a relief to not care.  It's even more of a relief to not be constantly thinking about what I am saying or doing. 

This is a start of being me again. And I truly cannot wait!

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Latest!

Well yesterday was my scan for baby no2 everything is great! Baby is doing well. I am now due on the 21st of December :) I am so excited, it's now feels real. 

My mum is here and we all decided today we are going home for a 2 days and I can't wait feel like I haven't seen my dad for ages. :) it will b nice just to be at home till Saturday morning. 
I am nt that long off my driving test now. I am really looking forward to it. I passed my theory first time so I am
Planning on passing my practical test first time too. :) 

Everything is good ATM. It's the calm before the chaos of moving. 

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My dads birthday n driving x

Today is my dads birthday! So we made him a top with grumpy the dwarf on it. Just a plain t-shirt n an iron on transfer. He really liked it and we made him a card from my lb. 

My mum n dad decided last night they want to come n get my lb n take him till Sunday. I will miss him loads but they deserve to spend as much time as they can with him before we move as we won't b as close n they won't be able to come n see him as much. It makes me a bit sad to think we won't see him as much. 

I am hoping to pass my driving test by the time we move. It will make life a million times easier and hopefully it will mean we get to go home a bit more than if we didn't have a car. 

It's strange that this time being pregnant I dnt really feel pregnant ATM. With my lb I did from the moment I found out. The only signs of pregnancy I have is sore boobs and being extremely tired all the time. I have my dating scan on the 18th of June so we will see how far we are then. 

Hopefully further than I think

The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Today's events and the last few weeks x

After today events I thought it was only right to blog. It's very sad that an innocent man has been killed by to terrorists. Whether he is a soldier or nt it's still shocking. It's definitely shook a lot of my military wife friends. My heart goes out to his family at this very sad time. 

Today we went to my oh disbandment parade. He had his fads  (smart army clothes) on n he looked very smart, as did they all. I love seeing him dresses up like that his medal on show, it makes me very proud. Their parade was perfect all moved n marched in time. It amazing to watch. My lo loved watching them marching n doing riffle drills. He sat saying wooow all the way through :) we dnt get many opportunities like today to enjoy army life as a family so it's nice when we do. 

In the last month I have been having counselling n it's been great. I Amin a really gd place. Being pregnant helps tho as I am very good at keeping calm for the sake of the baby growing inside me. We had a bit if a scare about 2 weeks ago I was in a lot of pain n had to have an emergency scan. It was amazing how tiny my little baby was. I was only 7 weeks so it was a tiny dot but everything was going fine (much to our relief). Then last week I had my booking appt n tht went well she got my blood really easily which was a shock. Usually it refuses to come out lol. So now I  just waiting for a scan appt. 

We should be moving soon but once again we are having an issue with housing. This time my oh can't even fill out the forms cuz he cnt get all the info he needs. Nightmare! Was hope this move was guna be easy, I should know better really. 

My lo is going through his tantrum stage. Usually after a nap or just before, it's all dwn to tiredness. But we are getting there. It's just frustrating because I dnt always understand him. As much as his babbles are getting more clear n easier to understand, some ate still just babbles. So we are trying to get him to show us. We will get there! He is a very funny little boy who knows exactly what he wants n loves exploring. But as all mummies know with exploring comes falling n bumps which my lo is very gd at. No matter how much I try to catch him I'm nt always quick enough. But he is a tough little man n gets up n carries I which I like. He isn't mardy at all. 

He is my little super star tantrums and all :)

The Royal Engineer's wife xx

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

An update since I have neglected my blog x

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. We went home for Easter which was lovely. We had a really good time. My lo loves being around his nana n grumpy. It does us all good to go home n go out and do things. My little man is starting to walk most places. He looks so cute. He is a proper little explorer. He walked to nursery n back today. He was so good. He loves looking at all the different things on the way :)

I started counselling on Monday. I thought it was goin to be awful but it wasn't that bad. I know the further I get into it the harder it will get. But it means tht I will finally be able to put the abuse behind me n have a fresh start for our next posting. Mondays session made me realise tht actually I am a gd mum, I am extremely string n tht I have come a long way by myself.

My next big task is learning to drive. I need to be able to drive by the time We go to Chatham. So this weekend we are going to look at intense courses n cars n insurance.

I have big news. I'm pregnant :) I am so excited! I feel really positive abt all this :) I can't wait to have another baby.

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Since he left x

My husband has been away 3 nights now and I am very tired. Although I have slept from 0030-0730 the last 2 nights but my lo decided tht he isn't goin to go to sleep till 2200/2300. Which isn't great. Doesn't help because his monitor has broken. So I have ordered now ones that come today thank god!

Since my oh has gone away the monitors broke, the dog came into season, lo won't sleep, I haven't got the energy to fight with him to sleep n keep the house tidy so my house is a massive mess. Although, I have done all the washing, I have done one massive load of dishes n lo is in nursery this morning so I am going to get as much done as possible before I go to the coffee shop at 1100 with a friend. Then when the lo sleeps this afternoon I can sleep too :)

I just hope I can get everything done.

The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013


I need to rant and this is the only place I can write and be told either I shouldn't have another baby with him or tht if it bothers me that much u should do it.

My oh put the lo to bed and only read him half of his story. Yes this might sound silly to be upset about but here are my reasons;
1) he goes away tomorrow so it's the proper time they will have together.
2) he never really puts Cody to bed anymore just baths him and I do the rest.
3) he is make a choice to spend less time with him when he already misses do much.
4) he says he doesn't wanna go for sas training cuz he would miss so much! Well now he is just choosing to do tht. He might as well do it at least then lo would have a romanticised idea of his daddy than actually knowing he cba.

I am angry with him! How dare he! How can he just not be arsed. Argh idiot!

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx