Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My dads birthday n driving x

Today is my dads birthday! So we made him a top with grumpy the dwarf on it. Just a plain t-shirt n an iron on transfer. He really liked it and we made him a card from my lb. 

My mum n dad decided last night they want to come n get my lb n take him till Sunday. I will miss him loads but they deserve to spend as much time as they can with him before we move as we won't b as close n they won't be able to come n see him as much. It makes me a bit sad to think we won't see him as much. 

I am hoping to pass my driving test by the time we move. It will make life a million times easier and hopefully it will mean we get to go home a bit more than if we didn't have a car. 

It's strange that this time being pregnant I dnt really feel pregnant ATM. With my lb I did from the moment I found out. The only signs of pregnancy I have is sore boobs and being extremely tired all the time. I have my dating scan on the 18th of June so we will see how far we are then. 

Hopefully further than I think

The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

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