Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Since he left x

My husband has been away 3 nights now and I am very tired. Although I have slept from 0030-0730 the last 2 nights but my lo decided tht he isn't goin to go to sleep till 2200/2300. Which isn't great. Doesn't help because his monitor has broken. So I have ordered now ones that come today thank god!

Since my oh has gone away the monitors broke, the dog came into season, lo won't sleep, I haven't got the energy to fight with him to sleep n keep the house tidy so my house is a massive mess. Although, I have done all the washing, I have done one massive load of dishes n lo is in nursery this morning so I am going to get as much done as possible before I go to the coffee shop at 1100 with a friend. Then when the lo sleeps this afternoon I can sleep too :)

I just hope I can get everything done.

The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

Saturday, 23 March 2013


I need to rant and this is the only place I can write and be told either I shouldn't have another baby with him or tht if it bothers me that much u should do it.

My oh put the lo to bed and only read him half of his story. Yes this might sound silly to be upset about but here are my reasons;
1) he goes away tomorrow so it's the proper time they will have together.
2) he never really puts Cody to bed anymore just baths him and I do the rest.
3) he is make a choice to spend less time with him when he already misses do much.
4) he says he doesn't wanna go for sas training cuz he would miss so much! Well now he is just choosing to do tht. He might as well do it at least then lo would have a romanticised idea of his daddy than actually knowing he cba.

I am angry with him! How dare he! How can he just not be arsed. Argh idiot!

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ramblings x

I'm not pregnant. Never mind we will carry on trying. Only problem is when I am fertile nxt we are at my mums n we dnt get much opportunity to have sex. So this will be interesting. I don't think we will be pregnant nxt mnth either.

My oh goes to Weymouth on Sunday til Thursday. I am guna miss him. I hate an empty bed. So it means late nights next week just so I will sleep when I get into bed. Then when he gets back we are going straight home for 10 days for Easter. When we get bk he has 11 more days off with will be nice to do some family things together.

I am really tired ATM. I feel really drained. I need to Hoover polish and do the dishes. But have no motivation wht so ever.

Rest would be nice.
The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Maybe we are maybe weren't

So I tested on Thursday n it was negative but yet still no period! I am just holding out till Wednesday wen I will test again but I am desperate to test now lol. When I got pregnant with my lo I have a negative first time so I think that's why I'm nt upset. But I really really wanna test again now.

So I have been thinking about the next baby and about wht I am goin to do differently. There are only a few things; firstly I am going to cloth from birth, second I am goin to use a wrap to carry the baby whenever convenient and thirdly I am going to try harder to breast feed this time.

I think I have done a good job with my little boy despite all the things thrown at me when he was born (PND, oh on tour, no true friends around me). This time it can only be better. My oh will defo be around if I am pregnant now because he will be on his trade course. :)

Things are definitely getting better.
Our future is going to be good

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

Monday, 11 March 2013

A new start n big boys bed x

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. After having a child free week I had a few days at home them ended up at my mums because my oh went on exercise.

So the latest is we know we are going to Chatham for 8 mnths from August. Which means between now n then I need to learn to drive. Which I am quite looking forward too.

On Thursday I can take a pregnancy test. I'm nt sure how I will feel if it's negative. I have tried to be down play it to my oh but really I know I will be gutted. I have started buying cloth nappies for the new baby. How sad am I? I am fluff mad. I actually enjoy washing them n having them out on the radiators.

My little man is in a big boy bed. Has been for a few weeks now. He has been very good. We have had a few nights of playing at 3am but all in all he has been great.

Home life is great right now :)

The Royal Engineer'S wife xx