Saturday, 23 March 2013


I need to rant and this is the only place I can write and be told either I shouldn't have another baby with him or tht if it bothers me that much u should do it.

My oh put the lo to bed and only read him half of his story. Yes this might sound silly to be upset about but here are my reasons;
1) he goes away tomorrow so it's the proper time they will have together.
2) he never really puts Cody to bed anymore just baths him and I do the rest.
3) he is make a choice to spend less time with him when he already misses do much.
4) he says he doesn't wanna go for sas training cuz he would miss so much! Well now he is just choosing to do tht. He might as well do it at least then lo would have a romanticised idea of his daddy than actually knowing he cba.

I am angry with him! How dare he! How can he just not be arsed. Argh idiot!

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

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