Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Keeping you up to date x

So I am childless this week as my mum n dad came and pinched my child for the week as its my mums birthday tomorrow and she is off work all week. It's very strange. I was heartbroken when they left on Sunday. But I am glad of the rest as my period has decided to appear 10 days after the last one :( I am exhausted.

My little man is now in cloth nappies full time. It's so much easier than I thought. I enjoy sorting them out. They look very cute on the radiators. I think I even have my oh using them :)

My anxiety has reduced quite a lot lately which I am so glad off. I got my counselling through n they said they couldn't help me and gave me some info for some other services so I have self referred myself to one of them.

I can share this here as I blog anonymously. Me and my oh are trying again for a baby. We are keeping it a secret as we don't want the stress of everyone asking every month are we pregnant :)

Things are looking up.

The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

EEG results and christening aftermath

So we went to the christening. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I practically forced my lo on to my oh nan. That was the first time she had seen him properly, he is 17 mnths old! She avoids me like the plague, I think she might actually hate me. Never mind. I think I would be bothered if she was a nice person but she isn't.

This week we started using cloth nappies. It's been really good. It alot easier than I thought and I only change him 3 times A day instead of 7. I would definitely recommend it to anyone :)

Friday we go and see the consultant for the results if the lo's EEG and to decide what to do next. I am worried about it but we will deal with it.

I feel my confidence coming back slowly. I still feel anxious n dnt really like goin anywhere alone but I can hide it alot better now. Hopefully I will get the counselling soon so I will deal with things soon.

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx