Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ramblings x

I'm not pregnant. Never mind we will carry on trying. Only problem is when I am fertile nxt we are at my mums n we dnt get much opportunity to have sex. So this will be interesting. I don't think we will be pregnant nxt mnth either.

My oh goes to Weymouth on Sunday til Thursday. I am guna miss him. I hate an empty bed. So it means late nights next week just so I will sleep when I get into bed. Then when he gets back we are going straight home for 10 days for Easter. When we get bk he has 11 more days off with will be nice to do some family things together.

I am really tired ATM. I feel really drained. I need to Hoover polish and do the dishes. But have no motivation wht so ever.

Rest would be nice.
The Royal Engineer's Wife xxx

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