Saturday, 16 March 2013

Maybe we are maybe weren't

So I tested on Thursday n it was negative but yet still no period! I am just holding out till Wednesday wen I will test again but I am desperate to test now lol. When I got pregnant with my lo I have a negative first time so I think that's why I'm nt upset. But I really really wanna test again now.

So I have been thinking about the next baby and about wht I am goin to do differently. There are only a few things; firstly I am going to cloth from birth, second I am goin to use a wrap to carry the baby whenever convenient and thirdly I am going to try harder to breast feed this time.

I think I have done a good job with my little boy despite all the things thrown at me when he was born (PND, oh on tour, no true friends around me). This time it can only be better. My oh will defo be around if I am pregnant now because he will be on his trade course. :)

Things are definitely getting better.
Our future is going to be good

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

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