Monday, 11 March 2013

A new start n big boys bed x

Sorry I haven't posted for a while. After having a child free week I had a few days at home them ended up at my mums because my oh went on exercise.

So the latest is we know we are going to Chatham for 8 mnths from August. Which means between now n then I need to learn to drive. Which I am quite looking forward too.

On Thursday I can take a pregnancy test. I'm nt sure how I will feel if it's negative. I have tried to be down play it to my oh but really I know I will be gutted. I have started buying cloth nappies for the new baby. How sad am I? I am fluff mad. I actually enjoy washing them n having them out on the radiators.

My little man is in a big boy bed. Has been for a few weeks now. He has been very good. We have had a few nights of playing at 3am but all in all he has been great.

Home life is great right now :)

The Royal Engineer'S wife xx

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