Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Today's events and the last few weeks x

After today events I thought it was only right to blog. It's very sad that an innocent man has been killed by to terrorists. Whether he is a soldier or nt it's still shocking. It's definitely shook a lot of my military wife friends. My heart goes out to his family at this very sad time. 

Today we went to my oh disbandment parade. He had his fads  (smart army clothes) on n he looked very smart, as did they all. I love seeing him dresses up like that his medal on show, it makes me very proud. Their parade was perfect all moved n marched in time. It amazing to watch. My lo loved watching them marching n doing riffle drills. He sat saying wooow all the way through :) we dnt get many opportunities like today to enjoy army life as a family so it's nice when we do. 

In the last month I have been having counselling n it's been great. I Amin a really gd place. Being pregnant helps tho as I am very good at keeping calm for the sake of the baby growing inside me. We had a bit if a scare about 2 weeks ago I was in a lot of pain n had to have an emergency scan. It was amazing how tiny my little baby was. I was only 7 weeks so it was a tiny dot but everything was going fine (much to our relief). Then last week I had my booking appt n tht went well she got my blood really easily which was a shock. Usually it refuses to come out lol. So now I  just waiting for a scan appt. 

We should be moving soon but once again we are having an issue with housing. This time my oh can't even fill out the forms cuz he cnt get all the info he needs. Nightmare! Was hope this move was guna be easy, I should know better really. 

My lo is going through his tantrum stage. Usually after a nap or just before, it's all dwn to tiredness. But we are getting there. It's just frustrating because I dnt always understand him. As much as his babbles are getting more clear n easier to understand, some ate still just babbles. So we are trying to get him to show us. We will get there! He is a very funny little boy who knows exactly what he wants n loves exploring. But as all mummies know with exploring comes falling n bumps which my lo is very gd at. No matter how much I try to catch him I'm nt always quick enough. But he is a tough little man n gets up n carries I which I like. He isn't mardy at all. 

He is my little super star tantrums and all :)

The Royal Engineer's wife xx

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