Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sorry I haven't been around! X

So I have completely neglected my blog whilst being pregnant. I'm going to try n blog Atleast once a mnth from now on. So here's a short catch up. 

I failed my driving test :(. We were posted n my husband is on course. I got to 25 weeks pregnant and was suffering horrendous nose bleeds n spd which ended up in me n my oldest boy coming bk to my mums on November the first for some help and support. 

In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I was in and out if hospital in the end I was induced on the 18th of December n have birth to a beautiful baby boy weighing 9Lb 3 and a half oz. :) he is now 6 weeks old and this Sunday we finally go bk home with my gorgeous husband to be a family again. He passed his driving test n he gets his car on Saturday. He is coming here tomorrow night n I cannot wait. I really miss him. It's scary because on Tuesday we have been married 3 yrs! It's crazy no idea where the time has gone. 

This 3 yrs have been crazy. The ups have been amazing n the downs have been truly awful. But since moving to Yorkshire in August 2012 I haven't really felt myself. I was shy n lacking any confidence n just really not myself. I became a hermit and really suffered but this last week I have felt me coming bk. I'm start to nt give a shit what ppl think of me or what they have to say abt me,I feel confident n I am ready to be me n get on with it and go out n nt give a shit if the other wives are bitching abt me. It's actually a relief to not care.  It's even more of a relief to not be constantly thinking about what I am saying or doing. 

This is a start of being me again. And I truly cannot wait!

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

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