Thursday, 17 January 2013

Things are getting better

I went to the med centre on Monday and the doctor decided to medicate me. Against my better judgement I took the tablets. Worse idea ever. They made me so ill. I spend all of Monday night up until last night on the loo every 5 minutes. I was exhausted, couldn't eat and felt worse than I had in a very long time. So last night I followed my judgement and decided to stop taking the tablets.

This morning I feel a million times better. I am still tired and I haven't eaten yet but I feel like I can get on with my day. My counselling should come soon. :)

My little man has his EEG in just under 2 weeks. I just want it to be done and to know where we stand. I want to just have more clue about it.

Finally feel like things are getting sorted.

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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