Saturday, 8 December 2012

And insomnia strikes again

I got into bed tired. Head hit the pillow and I am wide awake. How? Why? This is the most frustrating thing ever! My husband and lo are fast asleep and I am laying here wondering how long it will take me to sleep tonight.

Usually the thing that keeps me up is worrying I will have nightmares but the last week I haven't woke up crying so I haven't had any really bad nightmares. I have had strange dreams and the odd bad night but nothing that has stopped me falling back to sleep. So I have no idea why tonight I can't sleep.

I watched Forrest Gump before bed so nothing scary. I was crocheting which usually helps me sleep. Maybe it because my back is hurting again.

I have a problem with the muscles in my back were they spasm and ache constantly. I am used to the day to day pAin. But when it starts getting worse I can't get comfy and it causes me tension head aches which is like a migraine but with out the flashing bits. I try not to take painkillers until I can't cope or I would live off co-codamol which isn't good. Especially as I can't seem to find my stronger ones for wen it's horrendous and co-codamol doesn't touch it.

I am really hoping I get comfy soon and get some sleep.

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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