Saturday, 8 December 2012

So much for sorting the house

So I have spent all day in my onesy again. Yes I know lazy! But it hasn't really been a lazy day. I have tired to tidy up and clean up a bit. But with a whinging husband and a child that doesn't want to nap. 

However, right now everyone in the house, including the dog, is asleep but me. It's only taken 3 attempts to get my LO to nap today! Yes I'm being sarcastic. My husband put him back in bed at 9.30am there was no way that was going to happen but I said nothing as it was my lay in so I didn't care if he had to get up again. He got him up at 10.30 and put him back down an hr after. Never goin to happen. He left him there it got to 2pm and I got him up because he needed to eat and was sick of my husband ignoring him. I got him up gave him dinner and let him play and put him back down at 4pm and guess what he fell straight to sleep! I love my husband and he is a great dad but at times he aggravates me when it comes to the LO.

He had the cheek to tell me I just put my LO to bed when I feel crap. He is very wrong. I stick to my routine I make sure that he get to play and I may not play with him like usual but I do not just put him to bed! He annoys me that when he can't be bothered he just shoves him in his high hair and gets on with what he wants. This is why he thinks being a stay at home mum is easy! If I did that my little one wouldn't be as developed as he is.

Anyways, enough ranting about my husband, I am worried about the LO's weight. He seems to be getting thinner. He has never been a chunky baby, so him loosing any weight is worrying. He isn't eating any less, it seems to be since he started with these funny turns. I don't know what to do. 

I will just have to keep feeding him. I cant wait for tomorrow so we can sort the house and take the LO to the park :) 

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

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