Friday, 7 December 2012

lack of appetite and sticky handprints

I would love to know why I have no appetite at all. I haven't eaten this morning at all. Lately, I am forcing myself to eat. Don't get me wrong loosing a stone in 6 weeks is great but not very healthy. I am not a skinny minnie at all but I don't want to be either. But I wouldn't mind loosing some weight. I suppose I shouldn't moan about loosing weight should I?

My LO is getting back to normal sleeping patterns. He is currently napping woohoow. This makes me one very happy mummy. Yes I know its very sad. But every other mummy out there will understand the greatness of your routine getting back to normal.

I was reading another blog today by an RAF wife who's husband is out in the Falklands. She talked about how much she was hating the waiting. I really feel for her. I remember spending every day waiting for the next phone call when my other half (oh) was away and the overwhelming feeling of disappointment when I got into bed and he hadn't called. I knew he would call when he could but it didn't make those nights any better.

All the Ladies and Men out there who's partners aren't here I really feel for you. 

Considering it only midday I have had an eventful morning. My LO has decided to pinch candy canes of my tree. So I gave him one and e put his lovely little hand prints all over my walls. The leak in the utility room is fixed, thankfully things just needed tightening. I have feed washed and clothed the lo. he has had a tantrum and is now napping as he was exhausted. So now I am watching Christmas films cuddled up with Diesel again :) she is great to cuddle.

Hoping the rest of the day is as relaxed as this.

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

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