Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ill but positive

Today I have spent most of it in bed. I woke up feeling awful. My husband was off work so when he got up I went back to bed.

All this stress is making me run down. I hate being ill. I am just soooo glad I had him here today. I don't have many times that he is here when I am ill. It's so nice to be able to rest when I feel rubbish.

He has been great with our son. He took some gorgeous photos in the bath of our son tryin to brush his teeth. I have heard them laughin and playin all day and been very jealous. The lo keeps sayin nana n then mumbling. I have no idea what he is sayin but whatever it is he really means it.

I think tomorrow we are goin to have a pj day and watch Christmas films because our leak in the utility room is bein fixed so we have to stay in. Might as well relax and enjoy it.

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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