Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Why is it that money and peoples health cause sooo much stress??? 

My husbands just been to the bank and we don't have a lot of money left for the month! Great just what I need.I hate this. He has spent 85pounds on protein and creatine! I mean ffs its pathetic all because he wants to get bigger. GROW UP. If I spent 85 punds on shoes he would go mental but because its for him to get bigger I should be ok with it. Well im not, not even a little bit. 

So lack of money isn't great especially when we are supposed to be having Christmas at our house this year. Its a good job I have done all the Christmas shopping and all we need is food for Christmas day. Plus he is on his mess do at the dog races spending more money!Great. Lets hope he wins something. So my solution has been a budget and if he doesn't like it he can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

So my other stress is my son's health. He keeps having funny turns. They took him in an ambulance 2 sundays ago because of it. That was the first time it happened and the hospital told me he had fainted. WRONG because he has had more and they are getting more frequent. My husband's mum has epilepsy. So i took him the doctors today and they have referred him to a pedestrian. There is a chance he could have Petit Mal, which is a little fit. So on top of my normal anxiety that I have at the minute I now have the worry that my son is having fits and there is nothing I can do about it. I feel utterly useless! I feel like crying. But on the upside my mum has said my nan is a bit better today. 

So with all this my anxiety is through the roof. I feel utterly crap and I would just love one easy day please. My husband goes away from monday to thursday next week as well which means more anxiety stress and no sleep! woohoow. Anyone want to swap????

Usually I find try to find a positive in everyday, mine today is a had a brew with another engineers wife (we are a rare breed here) which was nice. I hope that I have more positives before I go to bed, probably not though. So I think I will write today off as a bad one and start again tomorrow and see how it goes. 

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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