Tuesday, 11 December 2012

No sleep in pain! Woohoo x

Last night I only went to sleep at 4.30am. I only had 5 hrs sleep and I have done loads today and I'm still nt tired now! This is beginning to get frustrating! I want to be tired and sleep.

I have moved things. Tidied up. I crocheted last night and got further with the massive blanket I am trying to make. Only downside to gettin my house back to normal I am now on pain and even the strong meds aren't helping! Great just what I need. Just need to do the dishes n clean the kitchen. Tidy a few bits downstairs. Then there's my room to sort. Then tidy the spare room. Then I am done. All tht as well as sort the little one and I am in agony.

Oh and I probably won't sleep much again tonight!

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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