Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Today and this year x

I had a decent sleep last night once I got in bed. But that could be down to one if two things. One the painkillers or two listening the hypnotherapy app on my phone. Either way I was grateful.

I have only really done most the dishes n some washing today. Also, I have tidied up at the back of myself, which I wish my husband would do because it would make my life soooo much easier. But I would get more attention from telling the wall. Oh well! Just have to finish the dishes tidy the table Hoover a d sort the spare room before he gets home tomorrow.

I think I have coped better why he has been away. I think that's because I have avoided goin out. I know that might seem silly but I couldn't deal with the anxiety of leaving the house because I feel so vulnerable on my own ATM. But today I have been stressed and I didn't know why earlier. Now I think I know, it's gettin closer to the time my OH went to afghan last year. The shock and stress was horrific. I think I am worried it could happen again. Even though I know he isn't goin anywhere because I spoke to padre here and he sorted it so that they won't send rob anywhere till I am ok.

I really want this Christmas to be perfect. This will be our 3rd Christmas together n the 1st two were horrible. I just want till one to be amazing, we hopefully will be in our home as a family me my lo my oh my mum dad and brother. I just want us all together and happy. I am just hoping that next year has a lot less stress than year.

Can't wait to see my man tomorrow.

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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