Saturday, 15 December 2012

One of those days!

Today has been one of those days. I got up and came down to the living room loving like a bomb went off and the kitchen still not being sorted! The kitchen still hasnt been touched. So I fed the dog because he forgot to and went back upstairs to bed. I was not going to clean uo the mess that had happened why he was giving the LO breakfast! Yes that right all he had done is give him breakfast. He hadnt got him changed out of his pj's , fed the dog, sorted the mess or even read to the LO before he put him down for a nap. He had put him down waaayyy too early fr his nap as well. All that and I had only just got out of bed.

Then I got up after getting the LO out of bed and tallkig to my mum on the phone with the baby I got dresed and came down with him. He had tidied the living room and hoovered. I got the LO's lothes and asked him to get him dressed and you would of thought I had asked him to eat his poop or something the look I got. Now all week I have been telling him I wanted to take the dog out today with other people that meet up on camp and walk there dogs, he knew it was at 1.30 but yet he still decided at 12.45 he had to go to the shop to get food. So he also made us late for that.

We had a lovely walk, the dog really enjoyed it. She was very well behaved which was a massive shock but I am pleased because it means we can do it again :)

However, on the way there he decided to try and tell me how I should make my back better! He will never tell me to just do some exercise ever again! Doing exercise doesnt help it makes it worse. It makes the muscles in my back spasm more especially if I carry anything heavy as well. That is the one thing that bugs me more than anything, he doesnt have any clue how much pain I am in or what causes it, I wouldnt tell him how to pack his kit so he shouldnt tell me what will make it better.

So we came back and wathed harry potter, well I watched it he fell asleep. I put tea on he whinged he was hungry when he woke up and told e to turn it up. Then he tells me he is doing his weights tonight. I know this doesnt sound like a big deal but the deal was on a weekend he wouldnt do them because its family time and our time. I just feel like he does everything he can to avoid spending time with me. So as u can imagine Im nt impressed with that either. Every night he bathes the LO and puts him to bed. Its always been his thing, thaw fine but what I dont get is when I bath the LO he never ever cries, everytime he bathes him he cries. The LO cried before when he was giving him tea, I dnt get how he makes him cry some much he isnt a crying kid he is really good.

I am really at braking point and its only day one of leave! GREAT!

Married unaccompanied or divorce here we come!

The Royal Engineer's Wife x

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