Sunday, 2 December 2012

Where do I start?

Hiya I am the royal engineers wife

I am 22 I have a beautiful little boy and am amazing husband. I have survived one tour of afghan when I had Post natal depression. I suppose there things to brag about.

But there just the basics of who I am now and where I have come from.

Before I met my husband again (I say again because we went to school together) I was at uni study to do a law degree that I was hating. I had been through a tough 2 yrs dealing with depression, being abused by an ex boyfriend.

Then I met my husband. I was depression free and enjoying being me. He turned my world upside down for all the right reasons. Within 10 months we were married and pregnant. It was love, the real thing! The type that last forever. If it wasn't we wouldn't have got through the last nearly 3 yrs.

We got married in February 11 and we moved to Northern Ireland. It was strange being so far away from my parents and brother who had gotten me through the hard times. Also my friends that had picked me up and put a drink in my hand done my hair and make up n dragged me out to cheer me up! But I got on with it. I was pregnant and my husband was away most of the time. It was hard.

Then, I had to have examinations and I had to tell loads of doctors what had happened to me. This was what started my PND. I had my little bundle of joy and within two weeks I knew. It was happening again. The nightmares, the horrible feeling of not being enough for my little boy.

I went to the doctors and she gave me antidepressants and made me come back every week to check on me. I was doin well. My husband was ment to go to afghan 2 days after my boy was born but they didn't send him. They sent him instead 2 days before Christmas last year! It's wasn't great! But hey ho I had to get on with it and at first I did..

I will leave it there it's enough for anyone to handle.

Hope your all well
Thanks for reading

The royal engineer's wife xxx