Monday, 3 December 2012

Where we are now

After all the excitement n relief after the first few days I realised my husband wasn't himself. He was angry n stroppy which wasn't like him. He was stressed and snappy.

Before he went away he was the most relaxed laid back person you could meet. Now he was loosing his temper with silly thing and we were arguing all the time. I was beginning to struggle with my feelings again. One afternoon he was fixing the sofa bed and he lost it and through all the tools all over the dinning room. It scared me to see him like that. It was so out of character. So the day after I went to welfare to see what we could do. We ended up having couples counselling. It helped even though the were spread out because he kept gettin sent away on courses.

We just finished counselling and it was time for us to move to our new posting. We had no house because the housing woman had messed up. We had to stay in a hotel. It was awful. Eventually the Friday before rob started work we got a house.

We started arguing again. Worse than ever. But we got through it after a few weeks we was back to normal getting on with things.

We got the news he might go to Dubai for this Christmas and it set me off again. I went to the doctors and I am waitin on counselling to help me deal with my nightmares and PND. My husband isn't goin to Dubai as I have spoke to the welfare here so that he doesn't go way I am having counselling because I need him here.

So that's the short of were I am up to today. My little man is 15 months and amazing. I know I am a good mum and I love my little man n husband more than anything :)

I will start blogging about my day to day stuff now you know a little about me.

Hope your well

The royal engineer's wife. X

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