Thursday, 31 January 2013

This week

On Monday the lo had his EEG. It's wasn't to bad but he hated having the pads put in his head. It was ashame because he isn't old enough to understand. A week tomorrow we get the results and decide what to do about them. I am really nervous about them and the decisions we have to make I am just glad my oh with be here to make them with me.

Yesterday was nursery for the second time and it was a million times easy. I didn't feel anxious at all. He loves bein there. I am so glad he doesn't cry when he goes in. He just runs off to play and I love that. I love his excitement to explore. My little man is definitely amazing.

Tomorrow we go home for our nieces christening. I can honestly say I am dreading it. I dnt have a good relationship with my oh mum n nan at all. For over 2 yrs me n his mum didn't talk we have only just started to n she meet the lo for the first time over Christmas. However me and his nan still don't talk. They are goin to be there on Sunday n I am goin to be on my own with a child that will not want to be still n quiet for the ceremony. My oh is godparent so he will be at the front. I know the looks I will get off his nan and tbh I have got the patience for it at all.

On a brighter note me n my husband have decided to try for another baby at the end of march. I am very very excited. I have been so broody. Everywhere I go there are pregnant women or newborns. :) hopefully by July I will be pregnant but we will see.

Wishes us luck

The Royal Engineer's Wife xx

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